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The Savorys were founded by Almond, the man who moved away from his life in Riverview and bought a plot of land in Sunset Valley. Will he and his legacy make it through fifteen generations, with fifteen simmers telling their story?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Chapter Six

Days later, Holly joined her husband Almond in their final stage of life.

Their house complimented her outfit perfectly.

She wore slippers instead of high heels for the same reason she'd tied her hair back into a braid. She'd become a professional painter again, giving her even more reason to stay indoors.

Not to mention the fact that she was starting to go slightly senile - after registering in Town Hall, she was struck with a yearning to have her first child.

She seemed to have forgotten that she was well past childbearing age, and that her first child had recently had his first child.

While she looked after their granddaughter Milk, her husband became acquainted with what would soon become an invaluable family friend - the collection helper. The Savorys had almost everything they could want, but they still struggled to pay the bills.

Sage was yet unmarried and alone.

Her room had been converted into a warm, almost cozy laundry room.

Milk was only a few months old when Shannon found herself pregnant again.

Her husband had followed Holly in the self-employed route. The hospital was keeping him far too busy to get anywhere with his lifetime want.

Milk became an adorable toddler, with her father's blonde hair, and dark red eyes to match her sometimes finicky and disagreeable attitude.

That aside, she looked exactly like her mother, who taught her to speak, all the while hating her self-delegated task.

When she stopped, Milk went off into her own little world, humming to herself.

Shannon gave birth to twin boys right then and there - Bread and Eggs.

No one made a fuss over her this time. Almond and Holly were downstairs asleep, and Amaretto was absorbed in his chess match against himself.

That didn't stop him from helping to take care of them afterwards, though.

Eggs, though an even bigger pain than his sister, was happy enough when he received attention.

Everything was humming along nicely.

Shannon was tending the restored garden when she discovered that she was pregnant for the third and final time. There was no more room in the house.

Milk started school with a good, snarky sense of humor.

She only ever brought home someone named Summer Beaty.

She took to her role as oldest, helping with her brothers as best she could. Fortunately, she wasn't expected to change any diapers. That would have been a dealbreaker.

As she slept, her grandmother winded up the music box at her bedside and danced to the charming tune.

Her younger sister, French Toast, was born in the kitchen.

While Bread tasted Eggs's xylophone stick.

He was curious and experimenting, the next in the line of family geniuses.

And Milk preformed a few culinary experiments of her own.

Almond and Amaretto each helped to teach French Toast to walk. She was an insane and excitable baby, at times stumbling away from them into walls, or purposely tripping.

All the same, Daddy gave her a kiss goodnight.

Bread and Eggs, meanwhile, were now children as well.

Bread - adding eccentricity to his above-average intelligence - occupied his time on any one of the computers, playing chess.

Eggs was more of the artistic type.

When he wasn't painting, he was giving away vast amounts of the family's money to undermine the Underprivileged Llamas charity.

His older sister had become old enough to gain the effortless cooking skills that marked the rest of their family.

She adopted an elegant yet conservative look, her blonde hair tied back with a yellow clip, keeping it out of her face as she studied and memorized recipes.

And then put them into action.

She groaned as she did her homework, a reluctant audience to her younger sister's very much one-sided argument.

Everyone had a designated bed in the household. It's just that as of late, no one seemed to use them. Amaretto was asleep in Milk's room, so Milk was asleep in French Toast's room.

Meanwhile, Almond and Shannon routinely took turns bunking with Bread.

When Milk did leave, French Toast changed into her swimsuit and climbed under the blankets.

Amaretto and Shannon's problem turned out to be that they were certain Almond had been sleeping in their room, and so wouldn't go anywhere near it?

They couldn't afford something identical, so they were forced to make do with furniture from the scrapyard for now.

French Toast inquired as to whether turkeys came from pans.

And Eggs told her that was exactly the reason she would never get married.

He and Bread celebrated their thirteenth birthdays side-by-side.

Bread challenged Milk to the chess match of a lifetime.

Afterwards, Almond complained about the unwashed dishes downstairs.

That was what they had a maid for. She wasn't it.

He managed somehow to set himself on fire at work.

Milk hoped the maid would have a sense of humor.

Soon after, Amaretto celebrated his fortieth birthday.

Here he is, standing with the son who most resembles him.

Even though his glowing blue eyes were passed on to Bread.

The Savory house is nearly complete, with the addition of a two-car garage, graveyard, and apple grove.

Almond and Holly are reaching the end of their lives at age 92 and 89 respectively. Shannon is nearly an elder herself.

Who will be the next heir?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chapter Five

Though Almond's life dream was finally within his grasp, and he was the head chef at the town's finest restaurant, his family still wasn't wealthy. In fact, their bank account rarely exceeded five thousand simoleons. However, they had enough to begin achieving a higher standard of living.

They expanded their recreation area, creating a space for a hallway that would someday allow the house to grow beyond its current apartment-like means.

His daughter Sage received her own computer. She wouldn't have to wait for her brother's to become available anymore. She set eagerly to writing a new children's novel.

His son Amaretto took the family's new car out for it's first drive. . .

Only, he couldn't remember where it was that he'd wanted to go.

He ended up at the beach somehow, and as he stood amid the brush, staring out at the bay and trying to remember, he noticed a girl on one of the wooden lounges. He had often been encouraged to be more socially active, so he figured, why not introduce himself? What was the worst that could happen?

He never found that out, because this girl - Shannon Carnes, was her name - had very nearly the best combination of traits possible. She was a predominantly kind and thoughtful person, like he was. She was an excellent cook, something which already ran in his family. And she loved to garden, so she could help his dad keep up their small plot if no one else could.

He felt like playing chess at that moment, so he decided to challenge this stranger to a game. Being an easygoing sort, she accepted, and they talked as they thought over their moves. Apparently her bizarre fashion sense stemmed from the fact that her family wasn't exactly well off either, and they made do with hand-me-downs from garage sales and thrift stores.

Amaretto mentioned that his mother had been raised in a mansion just down the street from their house. It was vacant now - his grandparents were deceased, and she had been their only child.

Holly sat down to a family dinner with her daughter and husband.

Sage had volunteered to make the Goopy Carbonara herself, and she had managed it perfectly. They were all quite pleased.

The sun set entirely, and a cold breeze swept across the beach. Shannon was starving, so she left the chess table to go to the picnic she'd set up.

Amaretto ran over and invited her back to his place. To his surprise, she accepted again. It would at least be better than cheeseburgers.

Though he would never admit it, he couldn't wait to get home. Being in the dark - even when it wasn't pitch-black - made him nervous and uncomfortable. He calmed when he entered the bright living room.

To his disappointment, dinner was waiting for them, but his family was nowhere to be seen or heard - it was almost midnight; they were all asleep. His dad had work and his sister had school in the morning. His mother almost always went to bed last, because her job was the family's professional artist. Shannon couldn't meet them today.

They still enjoyed dinner together, while Shannon started up a conversation about recipes. It was her goal to memorize them all.

She helped him clear the table, and then yawned and stretched. Time for bed.

Amaretto was enjoying her company, but he felt the same way.

That didn't stop him from cheering as he reflected on what a success that memory slip had been.

Shannon heard and thought it was a little strange, but wasn't in any mood to investigate further. She walked out and went home.

He was truly astonished when she agreed to come over again the very next day.

He greeted her with a charming compliment about her smile.

He wondered if, perhaps, his compassion and above-par intelligence might help him excel in the medical field.

His mother's natural affinity for art certainly helped her in turning out a remarkably accurate portrait of his dad. And soon, it would help to immortalize the family's next heir.

He didn't know if that would be him or his sister. But Sage hadn't ever brought home any boys, nor expressed anything more than a mild interest in them, so her chances weren't looking bright.

She woke early one Saturday morning and sat down in front of her computer to write, before she remembered what today was. She went out to the garden to wish her dad a happy birthday.

She brought up the subject of insects being included in some foods, and Amaretto agreed with her that the likelihood was unsettlingly high. Holly couldn't believe that they were having this discussion over lunch.

Amaretto invited Shannon over afterwards, and on an impulse, she kissed him.

He didn't exactly mind much.

Even though she was considerably older, he thought they had good chemistry.

She moved in, bringing what little money she could, and he discovered that yellow was her favorite color. She came from an overall nice, wholesome family. (Although her brother dated a woman old enough to be his grandmother when he got out of high school, and her father was a good person like she was, and yet also a professional thug - how did that work out?)

And although she didn't mean to be, she was almost perpetually in a sour mood.

Amaretto gave her a massage to try and soften her up.

Almond happened to see the two together as he stopped in the kitchen to age, and it was at that moment that he realized who would be the most likely to succeed him.

By this point in their lives, the Savorys had managed quite a lot.

Their tiny house was turning into a livable home.

They added on a second story, with three more bedrooms (the largest going to the firstborn grandchild), a second bathroom, and a future study.

Shannon decided to give the garden some much-needed attention, gaining a considerable amount of skill in the process.

A few hours later, she dropped a freshly-made bowl of macaroni and cheese onto the kitchen floor, and ran into the bathroom to throw up.

Nikki Grayson came home from school with Sage, and immediately took to gossiping with her mother.

While Amaretto shouted for someone to let him in because he'd lost his keys.

Sage asked her mother to tell her sister-in-law to wear some actual clothes after taking a bath. She was mortifying her in front of her guest.

Shannon paid her no mind.

She was happy to discover that she was pregnant, however.

Almond wanted to retire, but that was wishful thinking - he knew that his family needed his income. When he wasn't at work or tending the garden, he upgraded the household objects to be unbreakable.

Shannon really began to show, and the other members of the household took notice.

Almond cheered loudly at the prospect of becoming a grandfather.

Amaretto decided that it was finally time to take their relationship to the next level.

Mrs. Shannon Savory leaped for joy at his proposal.

Sage became a full-fledged adult at last, now charismatic.

At the same time that she was moving out on her own. . .

. . .Amaretto and his mother were simultaneously freaking out over Shannon going into labor.

Amaretto finally decided to take her to the hospital, but Shannon insisted on driving.

Faced with that sort of death glare, he didn't try to protest.

They returned home with a daughter, Milk Savory.

A genius like her father, a brooding harpy like her mother.