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The Savorys were founded by Almond, the man who moved away from his life in Riverview and bought a plot of land in Sunset Valley. Will he and his legacy make it through fifteen generations, with fifteen simmers telling their story?

The Authors

Generation 1 - StyxLady (Founder: Almond Savory)
StyxLady also writes a Differences in the Family Tree challenge story, A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss, which is currently on its sixth generation.  
Generation 2 - SimQueenie9 
SimQueenie9 has been playing The Sims for nine years. She has a fondness for searching for her Sims' soulmates, and her conscience does not take well to randomly killing off her Sims. She likes reading realistic and dramatic stories, but is not very good at writing them. She is part of the Ramsey Collaborative Legacy 
Generation 3 -
Jena just started writing her first ever legacy, The Throttle Legacy, and decided it would be fun to do a Collaborative Legacy as well. So, The Savory Legacy was born, and will write the 4th generation portion of it. 
Generation 4 -
Jojo777 is a college student who has been obsessed with the Sims ever since Sims 1. She loves using the Sims 3 to create characters and stories, and finds it a great way to write and play at the same time. Jojo777's first legacy story is The Potter Legacy, and she is currently planning The Bird Legacy.
Generation 5 - Deeds
  Deeds/Morbid Mew is a college student that has been playing the Sims for seven years and has driven her parents crazy with how many expansion packs she buys. Although she is fairly new to story telling challenges on the Sims, she is an avid reader and writer. She is currently attempting her very first DITFT challenge which is titled Being an Account of the Notorious Fletcher Family.
Generation 6 -
Terra has been playing The Sims ever since her cousins introduced her to The Sims Deluxe Edition one Christmas. Though she did very little with TS2 due to computer issues, when TS3 was set for release on her birthday she decided that it was a sign and got the game as a birthday gift. She has been avidly playing ever since. She is currently dividing her time between three legacies, two DITFT and one traditional. The DITFT legacies are Blossom and Grow and Don’t Forget About Me, chronicling two branches of the Fiore family tree, and the traditional legacy is the newly-begun I Dreamed a Dream, the tale of the Reve family of Sunset Valley.

Generation 7 - KyoCaz 
KyoCaz is new to the story writing scene, but is loving it as she follows the DITFT rules in her Root Legacy. She noticed this savory story being made and wanted to be apart of it!
Generation 8 - NekoWolf37 
Hi! I'm NekoWolf37 (or ChocoBean on the Berry Sweet Site). I'm an avid reader and hope to become a writer someday. I'm currently working on The O'Hara Legacy, which has started it's 2nd generation, and a rainbowcy titled Taste the Rainbow, A Berry Legacy. I hope to have a lot of fun reading and helping with The Savory Collabortative Legacy! 
Generation 9 - Gjade 
My name is Jade, and I am a Simaddict. I have been a serious player since The Sims 2, but I did play The Sims (1). I started on a game console and not a PC/Mac, because my friend introduced me that way. Later I found out about the PC/Mac version. When I first started creating sims, I started with regular skin colors, but now I love the new rainbow colors and can not stop making sims with this skin. I have started many legacies/baby challenges but have failed because I made a sim that is better looking then him/her. I love to decorate sims houses, but not build them because I'm a horrible builder. I am currently trying to start my first rainbowcy. 
Generation 10 - LuvDyrdek 

Generation 11 - pattymuffinberg 

Generation 12 - ChazyBazzy 

Generation 13 - crg1999 

Generation 14 - MissJennaKate

Generation 15 - ChelseaO_o 
Chelsea has been playing the Sims for as long as she can remember. She has started (and canceled) many legacies and stories. She spends most of her freetime reading other peoples' amazing legacies. She gets bored with sim families easily, so she decided to join a collaborative. She is currently writing a DITFT, Flowers Grow in All Places, and a 100 Baby Challenge, Baby Time! Hazel's 100 Baby Challenge.